1 hours and more than 30 vehicles running red lights

yesterday, the public has told news line that "Nanjing Road junction with Changsha road, there are no cameras, vehicle ran a red light special. " 

Changsha, Nanjing Road and the road junction is a t-intersection, reporters on the scene saw, Nanjing Road in the junction of the green light for about 1.5 minutes, waiting for a red light for about half a minute. Though the waiting time is not long, the intersection there is no scrapping, but still have a motor vehicle ran a red light, mostly on Nanjing Road vehicles travelling from East to West. Each time the yellow lights, parking near seldom takes the initiative to stop drivers step on the gas for rushing past, caught up with red lights, not far from the stop line also ran past the car, sometimes even several cars in the driveway and break. From 8:30 to 9:30, reporters roughly once, within an hour, ran through the vehicle has more than 30 vehicles. Pedestrian Ms Zhao said: "red light car open quickly, this was left to pedestrians crossing time is not long, caught running red lights, pedestrians can kiss it good-bye. ”

Xinhua learned from the traffic control Department, this block really doesn't have a camera, but mobile video mobile patrol at any time. Because of video recording police marks a clear and cannot be registered in the dark, some drivers running red lights nothing.


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