After returning from the peak car Checkup

driving returns, many vehicle owners are feeling very tired, have no time to check for vehicle maintenance. Shop maintenance checks of vehicles is relatively small, pressed for time, conditional owner should seize the space vehicle to the 4S shop for inspection. In addition, many 4S shop booking service, make an appointment in advance, or you can calmly enjoy the fast-track services.  

when in car maintenance, special consultant to maintenance your vehicle condition, such as mileage, road conditions, fuel quality, special inspection request to the service consultant.  

in this way, service consultant will pay particular attention: "why are so professional? Neglect not, you want to make a special mark. " 

check the tires  

first thing to check the tires.  

common in urban road short-distance driving, wear on the tires is limited. However, long-distance high-speed driving, tyre damage will be serious, if potholed roads, greater tire wear.  

car tyres in the factory in the sidewall for wear marks, with "" symbol, it is the tire wear warning labels. After the long drive, owners can first scuff marks from a Visual inspection, look at tire wear is reached or exceeded limit standards.  

in addition, the process running at high speed, tire temperature rise with the increase of speed and distance. As the temperature rises, tire texture will become soft, then, if the tires rolling hard stones or sharp hard object, it's easy to wear into the damaged tire. If the tires have been tied in a long drive, and simple repairs, return to 4S shop for the best professional and warm, so as not to cause hazard to the traffic safety.  

in addition, check the tyre pressure is also very necessary. After a long drive, tyre pressure vary, in most cases is the lack of air pressure, it will not only increase fuel consumption, and prone to puncture.  

check the tire dynamic balance are also essential. Dynamic balance may be lost, which may either be uneven deformation of wheel, tire wear, and may also be a strong Jolt, caught in the wheel balance weights on shaking off. At this point, the appropriate for each tire to do dynamic balance is essential.  

check the brake  

long drive, especially frequent up and down Hill Road, is a serious loss of the braking system. Check brake system, brake disc, brake pad wear, is particularly important.  

at road speeds, frequent braking, formed by high temperature, and increases brake wear, which many people can understand. However, the owners may ask: didn't take the mountain also check brake system?  

in fact, at high speeds for a long time to wear on the brakes is very large, checking as necessary.  

long distance driving, the brake is not less than the congested roads in the urban area. Only difference is, high-speed braking far exceed the congestion of heat caused by braking. High temperature makes the brake deformation of different degrees, thereby braking effect is also affected. So long trip back, check the wear of brake discs, brake pads, is critical.  

prior to the submission, you can first check the brake system. Note to check the three steps: first, listen to the sound of the brakes, there is no abnormal sound. Second, braking force is sufficient, press the brake pedal, there was no significant difference between its height and a new car. General wear of brakes, low apparent when the emergency brake pedal position. Third, reference the last time to replace brake pads as well as mileage, manual car 50,000 miles the brake to replace the automatic car in advance to more than 30,000 square kilometers.  

cleaning oil  

away from home, naturally not at home, you can choose your filling familiar with trust. In a strange land where gas is good, oil quality is difficult to guarantee. If, however, is 97th gas models, there will be trouble. 97th for oil in many places, you had to "accept" other oil products. In addition, different parts of oil quality varies. Many remote areas to permit of regular gas stations.  

therefore, long back, engine and hydraulic circuit cleaning, particularly necessary. Especially with 97th oil high compression ratio engine using low grade gasoline, one of the most immediate hazards, carbon is very serious. If excessive carbon deposition, would lead directly to the engine useless.  

in addition, the low quality of oil, impurities, on a blocked fuel filter, or fuel injector, can also cause trouble, resulting in unstable vehicle idling, accelerating weakness, symptoms such as difficulty in starting. Must be timely replacement of fuel filter, depending on the condition, the cleaning nozzle again, to keep the car's best.  

  clearing operations;

the engine compartment is where many owners tend to ignore. After a long drive, engine cabin tend to have a lot of dust, dirt and moisture, and is likely to cause an electrical fault, so you need to clean and dust. When cleaning, pay attention to the engine, engine cooling and air conditioning radiator covered with the layer of insulating sludge removal. It will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine cooling and air conditioning. This needs to go to 4S shops with special cleaning agents on the engine and radiator for specialized cleaning. Is in need of attention, due to the complex circuits within the engine compartment, do not rinse the engine directly.  

also, owners should also check engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering oil oil is in the specified scope, particularly gearbox oil is missing, if excessive consumption should be promptly added. If driving long trips, the best oil change in a timely manner, since the days of high temperature of the engine oil deterioration will work. Engine belt is loose or needs attention.


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