Black posing as taxi

a black car was disguised as a taxi, who will pay attention to?

Tanggu black rent contract "big job", was carrying a false driving license a visitor to the city, Police Tactical Unit, traffic management services-night inspection police seized.

recently, the traffic management Bureau of the police mobile brigade police discovered in Nanjing Road, Shanxi road, along the Nanjing Road from the East to the West direction only before hanging the licence and do not have the CAB has exceptions, tried to stop a check. The car's exterior color and exactly the same taxi, but suspended licence for Tianjin G10978, with the taxi licence "Jin-e" does not match the logo. Moreover, traffic police police Mobile POS machine query, confirm the driving license of the person driving the car show to be fake. After investigation, the driver Tung a Shandong laoling people live in Tanggu, no steady job bought BYD car black rent and taxi vehicles appearance, easy to install meters and light showmanship. Encounter on the day of the incident from Tanggu to city "big job", some think Tung evening traffic police check ran to the city, but just finished sending the guests seized by police in Nanjing Road. Current traffic management departments have the fake taxi shall withhold, Mr Tung was arrested for using false identity papers and private vehicle and other traffic violations, traffic control Department pending further investigation and verification of a Tung made the punishment.


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