Maintenance of the chassis and first aid

now in the winter, the road surface is wet and more serious, to maintenance to complete chassis chassis cleaning and rust-proof treatment.  

firstly the chassis must be thoroughly cleaned, if too much dirt on the chassis, also use Degreasing detergent to wash again, chassis showing the original "simplicity", so rust preventive care can begin. In the professional beauty shop, cars can be up to lift the rack chassis cleaning, wiping, and rust preventive care.

in the middle of this note is that must wait on the chassis of the water after cleaning dry, rust preventive care. At the time of care, be sure to maintain a uniform spray application coating, forming a layer of retain lasting uniform anti-rust coating. Completed after 5-10 minutes of air-dried and chassis rust treatment is finished.

vehicle chassis, mechanical damage to well-aid

when in the wild or far away from the vehicle chassis, mechanical damage when they encounter, for different failure scenarios, you can use the following method to drive to a local car repair conditions.

brake cylinder leak brake fluid or pump pipe break, pump pipe joints with Tin, copper being a small cushion, the pipe blocked, and then tighten screws, flat and crimp leak or fracture clip so that the wheels do not brake as. But doing so may cause unilateral braking while driving safely.

brake master cylinder brake fluid deficiency, alcohol or spirits can substitute, special cases and water instead. Brake Cup swollen with Rose Bowl in hot water for 10 minutes – 20 minutes, skin oil content on the Bowl removed, so you can bring the Cup back to the original size.

tie rod ball joint breakdown, bumper or other does not affect where, remove a total length similar to that of the ball screw, replace the breakdown ball, mounted on steering column with nuts, screws exposed part of the rivet with a hammer good. Three-axle vehicle differential gear damage, such as, rear axle differential damage in any one, the bridge, drive shaft and axle shaft can be removed, continue to operate. If the front differential is damaged, remove the wheel hub flange continued its journey after.

ablation of clutch friction plate slip, ablation less serious friction plate, turning it over and use. Such as erosion and severe, use cotton or canvas layers (thickness should be consistent with the original friction disc), use wire or wire through the holes in the steel plate to make it fixed. Driving the vehicle should start smoothly, shifting quickly.


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