Marina station available for sale at the spring festival ticket presale for 30 days

on December 27, the reporter learned from a coastal Terminal now coastal passenger terminal has begun sale of travel tickets, as passenger ticket sale time from 15 days to 30 days in advance of the public visiting the station ticket office or community, schools, corporate ticket office you can buy a bus ticket to new year's Eve.  

site visits: can now buy tickets for new year's Eve

Spring Festival is approaching, work outside the home can expect a year earlier got the tickets home. "In previous years is 15 days in advance to buy tickets, everyone in those days queues crowded ticket. "Coastal passenger terminal official told reporters this year ticket ahead of time from 15 days to 30 days in advance, and now people can buy tickets for new year's Eve. Passenger station for returning migrant workers also opened special ticket window, greatly easing ticket pressure caused by surge in passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel season.

due to long-distance bus tickets during Spring Festival peak has not yet emerged, yesterday morning at the Marina Terminal ticketing Hall, only two ticket normal open position, less than ten passengers were lining up to buy tickets for refilling.

at this time, two young men are happy to come out with the ticket from the ticket, they are to Tanggu of migrant workers working on site in Shandong province. "I've heard that 30 days in advance to buy tickets, or early to buy a ticket, settle down a bit, then can be pulled in directly with the ticket. ”

small forest workers and take advantage of holidays to buy tickets for Chinese new year back home. Side of the station staff said most passengers preferred train travel during the Spring Festival travel rush, so will wait for train tickets were sold out only when selecting long-distance bus, the Spring Festival peak of long-distance bus tickets also need to occur over time.

"when it comes to ticket Summit, we will staff induction, 30 ticket Windows will be opened to all. "Station official said that began on January 8, 2012 with the public to buy, ensure timely travel.

"three enters" event: House tickets

in order to ensure that migrant workers and college students returning home during the Spring Festival travel season to visit relatives, travel safe, convenient and efficient travel of personnel, recently, Tianjin transportation Group launched the "three enters" send warm service. The "three entries" include "into the factory, entered the construction site, walking to school" tickets people can stay at home to get back to the ticket.

now, coastal passenger terminal staff have entered Tianjin Teda College of the University of science and technology statistics sale.

in addition, the new "ten battle" of migrant workers do not have to line up to buy tickets at the station in person, Marina staff will transfer the ticket to the passenger terminus site, advance ticket sales. "In parallel with the convenience of our passengers, also at the ticket window at the station pressure reduction, to ensure that each and every passenger would be able to get a return ticket. "The passenger said.

measures: terminal ready

as short distance time 2012 new year's day and the Spring Festival holiday is expected in 2012 a double characteristic of surge in traffic will present a short time. Approach of new year's holidays, when the traffic will more than 6000 visitors.

"now coastal passenger terminals were opened a 35-passenger routes, same as in previous years, Shandong, Hebei is the largest line of traffic in the direction. "Passenger station official said. Taixing, Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Jinan, Handan hot line to 11 lines such as, during the Spring Festival period, coastal passenger terminals will depend on the size of the traffic increase passenger frequencies at any time, to ensure that passengers request. In addition, the fare would make minor adjustments, some line fare will rise from 10% to 20%.

for vehicle safety, every outbound passenger or staff will receive more professional medical, alcohol testing, blood pressure, heart to conduct an examination, once found failed to pass the medical examination, is strictly prohibited.


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