Scrutiny of school bus safety in Tianjin refused black scrutiny on the school bus driver

4:50 P.M. yesterday, as soon as the bell sounded, in SI ping West Road near the zone of central primary school, open the door, plate for "Jin CFXXXX" silver-gray van of the Songhua River caused press attention. Soon, a girl dressed in school uniforms rushed into the car, it didn't take long, 3 boys and a girl have been sitting in the car. One of the boys told reporters that he read in grade five, the van is their parent partnership, the fare he needs to pay 450 Yuan a month. While speaking, a white-haired man walked over, sat on the van driving position, he did not close the door, instead of starting up the car until the car from entering motor vehicle road sidewalk, just let kids on a car door closing. Meanwhile, 5 children had been talking and laughing on the bus clinging to the door to look out, is very dangerous.

the same time, the other reporters at the gate of Hedong District experimental primary school, a blue 7 seater van, several students were playing. According to driver introduced, this was a "school bus", bound for huamingzhen, the students can pick up on the way, according to live in places far and near, children of grade, the price is not exactly the same. "How many children on the bus, can add one? "The reporter asked. "Full, 9, and cannot be stopped. "The other replied.

reporters found that in many primary and secondary schools of the city gate, such so-called school bus is common, which does not have the qualification of operating "school buses" there are different levels of security risk. The "school bus" in order to get more showmanship to make money, the prevalence of demolition, overcrowding the road problems without permission. Traffic police on duty said that once the overcrowding of vehicles, driving risk will increase, it is difficult to ensure the safety of children by bus.

"black bus" SA refractory reasons: demand is the main reason

reporters from the city traffic Department was informed that as of 2010, only 83 registered in the traffic control Department of the school bus, ride no more than thousand students on the school bus. Clearly, more of a "black bus" in action. We all know that "black bus" irregular, there are safety concerns, law enforcement agencies have also been scrutiny, but "black bus" why is still very popular, hard to cure it? Reporters interview summary for three reasons.

first of all, an objective demand for. Most families are working families, busy weekday work, scheduled shuttle children to and from school is not realistic. Some families live far away from school, parents don't trust their child to ride a bike or take the bus to and from school, but is able to directly send their children away from home to school "black bus" makes parents feel more peace of mind.

Secondly, in a limited number of formal school buses registered with the relevant authorities, it is difficult to meet the demand. Although from 2003 onwards the city authorities opened a special bus bus line, but the line could not be fully met in practice, "point to point" transfer students, and many other reasons, many students and parents eventually chose "point-to-point" service "black bus".

third, although law enforcement has been a serious investigation into "black bus", but in practice there are forensics investigation difficult questions. One police said, general situation Xia, "black school car" both are reached has common of wishes, in was check Shi, are not admitted exists trading of situation, more not admitted vehicles is "black school car", this on to specific law enforcement punishment caused has difficult, unless vehicles exists demolition or overcrowding illegal of situation, but due to punishment efforts partial light, so governance up total difficult reached good of effect.

parents helpless: no formal school bus

in view of this, huge gap between supply and demand for "black bus" living space. Horse ladies of children Shang primary school three grade, she and husband work are is busy, work to six points more, home seven or eight o'clock, fundamental didn't time shuttle children, "children 5 points school has, school also not take, only in door, with, home elderly are live have far, back and forth too not convenient has, than to children find a car Shuttle, I also wants to find formal of school car received children, can no formal school car can sat, only and other children with spell car. ”

authoritative voice   school buses must be filed   drivers review strictly

in fact, just last year, AQSIQ and SAC jointly issued the first specialized standard compulsory standards on school bus safety of pupils of the private primary school bus safety specifications, the standard has been implemented as of July 1 last year. Standard specifies General requirements for school buses, the upper structure, chairs, the boards, and export of 12 "general specifications" of school bus safety standards.

at present, the safety supervision Department of the municipal authority is a citywide student vehicle safety focus troubleshooting campaigns, actions will be continued until the end of the year. "What kind of car to when the school bus, the kind of person to drive the school bus, there are strict rules. "City make tube Council about head said, this city for school car driver to strictly according to passenger vehicles driving people of standard review, is strictly prohibited three years within any a score cycle within cumulative score full 12 points or occurred had traffic death accident and has responsibility of driving people driving school car shuttle students; for shuttle students of school car, must to make tube sector record, and by make tube sector test qualified, and ensure security performance reliable rear can using. Firmly against unlicensed undocumented, do not meet the safety standards of vehicles transporting students, no low-speed trucks and three-wheeled vehicles, tractors and assembling cars, scrap car is powered by a student.

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