Tianjin Binhai New area car rental company "a mixed bag"

"a few days ago to go home to be with the car and caught the end of the rental season, asked several major car rental firms are not the right time and models, looking for a. But on his way home from accidentally rubbing against the car, and was intended to be confirmed the commercial insurance, but the staff told me that more than 1500 accidents, insurance claims processing, 1500 Yuan minor accidents, need customers. Let me pay the fare of 500 Yuan. "Members of the public, NIE told journalists about his" grievance "experience.  

reporters at the Binhai New area of Tianjin Tanggu road, Guangzhou car rental companies see their prices generally rose on all models of 30%, the Peugeot 307 and all the usual price of 260 Yuan, has now risen to 320 Yuan.

it is understood that the car rental industry internal market compared to the end of popular "bull market", with the "bullish" comes some good temporary "rental car" smelled "opportunity". Industry insiders say, 35 people with seven or eight cars, can do by the end of the rental "business", relying on so-called low prices to attract consumers, but later disputes, mainly reflected in the insurance companies do not recognize qualifications, vehicle problems are "black" money, deliberately pick "glitch" and so on.

Tianjin consumers association concerned noted that due to the current car rental industry does not have a unified market of norm and perfecting the supervision mechanism, the enterprise rental contract terms of mixed quality and many disputes arise. Car rental before raising risk awareness, view business qualification certificate and the rental vehicle insurance for payment details. For contract "fuzzy" terms should have a clear concept and avoid unnecessary trouble and expense. Try to choose a well-known chain of car rental companies or rent network platform, problem prone to rights.


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