Tianjin departments dealing with the cold wave hit strong wind

yesterday, the day of the Lantern Festival, ushered in the year of Dragon in Tianjin the strong cold air, temperatures dropped to below freezing most of the time throughout the day, average winds of up to five or six, instantaneous wind magnitude seven or eight. Under the influence of strong cold air, between last night and today morning minimum temperatures will drop to-9 degrees Celsius in the urban area, is expected to create the extreme minimum temperatures since the beginning of winter. According to the forecast, strong cold air effect until tomorrow, after 9th, the temperatures are expected to rise.  

long distance

all open ticket office inside the compartment heater

yesterday, reporters learned from the transportation group, the long-distance bus terminal of the City yesterday usher in relatives and a large number of passengers, today day safe and timely delivery of 108,000 passengers, extra buses more than more than 35 flights, 87,800 passengers ushered in the field.

for this two days temperatures plunged, traffic group started emergency plans, while on bad weather for has emergency walkthrough, the long-distance passenger station in waiting Hall, and ticket office take insulation measures, opened all air conditioning, guarantee indoor temperature; open all sale, and ticket window and channel, reduced passengers waiting time, on sick passengers, established special waiting room and green channel, guide took service personnel ensure waiting passengers water supply, run of long-distance bus heater all open, guarantee passengers in warm in the spent Lantern Festival. Meanwhile the security services 3G remote wireless video surveillance systems, GPS systems and other advanced technologies, ensure there is no overcrowding and overloading, de lane violations, such as illegal acts occur, ensure that the majority of visitors go, go well, go, take satisfaction.

Spring Festival travel season began to the Lantern, long-distance bus terminal today 59,987 departures, an increase of 9.12%, overtime, 1159, safe and timely delivery of 878,000 passengers reach 51234 trips, greeted the passengers 758,000 people, safe shuttle 1.636 million passengers in a timely manner. 16, 17 of the first month is expected to usher in a large number of passenger.


according to temperature changes proper heating

yesterday, reporters learned from the municipal heat supply Office, in response to the cold wave struck, municipal heat supply unit starts cold wave emergency plan and ensure normal heating.

municipal heating sector in three aspects to ensure heating. First, the connections to the heating sector, open platform for SMS link, all heating notification will be sent via text message to the city's heating webmaster and the webmaster above head, the station according to the temperature change scheduling, increase quality. Second, the repair teams on 24-hour standby, repair tools put someone in charge, in the event of failure, repair staff the first time, ensure that the heat. Third, for the masses in a timely manner to solve the problem quickly, service hotline 24 hours a day online.

during the cold snap, municipal heating unit to notify users that do the indoor thermal insulation work, reducing the time of ventilation; heating do not place cover around items to expand the heat radiation area; when heat is not hot, users do not release without permission, to get in touch with the heating unit, addressed by the professional staff.

tap water

Note the meter immediately warm frozen pipes repair

in response to the cold wave struck, city water works group earlier related emergency plans, preparation has been fully in place. In case of sudden burst and frozen pipes, and staff will be the first time to take measures to get maintenance and interpretation of the work.

City tap water Group reminded: meter in balcony or meter in Ming kitchen, and Ming toilet location of user, must ahead of do cold prepared, especially home medium-and long-term no of user and the chosen not pass heating of user, in do meter antifreeze processing of while, also to put effective contact way told tap water charges member or you of neighbors, to appeared frozen leak situation Xia can timely and you made contact. In addition, the tap water group provides several ways of freezing of water supply facilities: one, water tank, water pipe can be sponges, rope, on the other hand warm dressing. Second, apply a warm sauce to frozen water pipes, taps, and should never use hot water shower, hard beats. Third, if unable to resolve the situation, please call the hotline of the tap water group 23149999.


passengers appeared full heater preheating ahead

windy cold snap in the City yesterday, when the morning rush hour, the bus traffic occurs after full scene, growth rates of up to 40% and flat peak of passengers has decreased, also hit a record of passengers at least since the Spring Festival.

according to meteorological sector cooling forecast, consider to many riding bike of public will modified took bus of needs, city the bus Enterprise yesterday are on early peak operation do has prepared, on to outside link around more than 50 more at large neighborhoods of more than 100 over took contains rate high of bus line increased capacity, encryption run interval; and on more than 60 more at focus site and the focus road junction presence has personnel maintenance security lane order. After the peak, most of the lines significantly fewer passengers in the bus, 10:30 A.M. reporter, Anshan West Road, South along the way to see the red flag, respectively, 609, 842, 871 lines such as bus passenger rate is around 20%, elderly passengers are minimal.

Xinhua learned from the three bus companies, in order to ensure the early bus operating on time, advance teams of workers into the road gang, Preheat for vehicles, car first in the morning bus and a second bus will have special responsibility for open air heater preheating in advance.

high winds and

in and out of Hong Kong's marine traffic control

yesterday's temperature drops, bursts of cold air blowing. The city's Meteorological Department issued a gale yellow alert for the first time this year, is expected within the next 36 hours, the Bohai Sea, Bohai and Yellow Sea will have windy weather, average winds of 8 to 9, gusts up to 10 levels. According to the Tianjin Maritime Bureau information display: Tianjin Port, North wind 3-4 go 5-6, West of the Bohai Sea, North wind 5-6 go 8-9, the waves go in waves. Facing strong wind weather in Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration immediately activated the wind alarm emergency.

reporters from the Tianjin maritime traffic control center was informed that 15 o'clock yesterday, Tianjin ocean winds have reached level 7, VTS has been broadcast weather warning information, it is recommended that before the arrival of the wind stop all construction jobs, ships back to port shelter. Yesterday 10:30 or so, Tianjin Maritime Bureau port terminal in and out of Hong Kong's marine traffic control, ship "into" the one-way traffic. As of press time, no shipping accident occurred in Tianjin Port.


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