Tianjin fire Chinese new year car rental prices were up 50%

approaching Spring Festival, home to many outsiders the most important thing, apart from travelling by train and plane, car rental self drive is a good choice. Yesterday found after investigation-Tianjin car rental market, different from the market in previous years, rental prices rose significantly this year, most companies have at least a 50%. Owners of some big rental car companies in order to facilitate long drives, will no longer limit the mileage.  

price increase of up to twice times

"this market well, by this time it had just started in previous years, but now our company has rented out 80% vehicles, leaving some small cars. "Tianjin Swiss rental car company official Sun, said the companies a total of more than more than 40 self-drive rental cars, car prices at 80,000-more than 200,000 yuan. In more than a month ago, the company began to receive customer Chinese new year car rental reservation.

it is learnt that different from the car rental company prices steady before the Spring Festival in previous years, most of this year, companies have raised the price of rental. Mr Suen said: "our general rise in their prices on all models 50%, Peugeot 307 and all the usual price of 160 Yuan/day, has now risen to 240 Yuan/day. "Price increases of some large chain of car rental companies, a case study of China auto rental, usually the cheapest rent sail during the Spring Festival for 299 Yuan/day, and usually only 98 Yuan/day; all such cars to 400 Yuan per day during the Spring Festival, usually more than 200 or so per day. EHI staff said, models like the LaVida, rent to 520/day during the Spring Festival, Mazda 2 and 269 per day almost doubled than normal.

Chinese new year car rental limited lease

cars belonging to consumables, increased mileage meant consumption of spare parts and maintenance, and so on, many rental car company gets mileage in terms of a generally is limited to 200 km-300 km/day, each more than 1 km 1-3. With effect from January 1, 2012, China auto rental, EHI and cancel the mileage limit, which by many customers. "During the Chinese new year car rental customers typically require long drives, although rental prices, but cancel the mileage limit, but also indirect reduction. "Mr Sun said Trent car rental companies also in price while eliminating mileage restrictions.

according to past experience, first car rental peak during the Spring Festival will focus on about 10 days before the Spring Festival, but this year's rental market has been heating up in advance. It is understood that the mileage restrictions were abolished at the same time, some car rental companies increased lease restrictions, "family 15 days minimum 5 day minimum for business, but more than 500 models. "Dagu South Road, Hexi District near a car rental company, a staff member said the lunar new year period, if the customer rents a few days only, and is not good for the rest of rent, lease limit set so helpless thing.

some companies refuse to novice

as a novice trick needs to be improved, also in order to avoid a company car problems, most rental car companies made it clear that they do not rent cars to the novice, generally, driving requires at least six months.

car rental market emerging, some regulations are not sound, insiders warned the general public, rental cars to choose the regular companies, comparing prices. Depends on the vehicle after the car had no insurance. Meanwhile, carefully check the condition, if the body has no scratches, headlight is complete and normal lock, and so, so wrong not sure. In addition, regular rental vehicles should have third party liability insurance, personal accident, theft and collision insurance.


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