Tianjin Metro warm

while the weather is cold, but warmth can take the subway in Tianjin public not only opened the heater compartment, even the seat is warm. According to reports, when the outdoor temperature is less than 12 ℃, opens in the subway car seat heater, guarantees a warm environment for passengers. "Used to wear a down jacket to go out, ride and feel inside the compartment was too hot, and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, but not too comfortable, this year compartment temperatures are more moderate. "The passenger said. Reporter learned that, during the winter this year Metro operation company heard the views of passengers adjust heater temperature, adjust the compartment temperature, making passengers more comfortable.  

Metro operation company said that during the winter, Metro morning and evening peak trains running every 5 minutes, peak-time trains running every 8 minutes to 10 minutes. Because of Metro will not be affected by traffic congestion and other reasons, you can ensure that travelling time, especially in cold weather of winter, most people will choose subways as means of transport. In response to the morning and evening peak, Metro operation company prepared an alternate vehicle to meet the travel needs of the people. "Rush hour total currently running 18 trains, in the event of inclement weather such as wind, fog, snow, Frost, we will add two or three trains at peak times, cope with surge in passenger flow, running under the bad weather conditions to secure cash rate of 99% per cent. "The Tianjin Metro operation company said Zhu Yonghui, passenger Marketing Manager," when rain and snow, we will be the first time in the Court laying of anti-skid carpet, mat, and setting up a quarantine barrier, passenger flow, prevent slipping of fall, passengers ordered to travel. ”

reporter understand to, for winter operation of climate features, Metro operation company has targeted to carried out has post security education, on station within real-time monitoring, according to passenger status timely adjustment capacity; through carried out security hidden troubleshooting, and regulation, effective control, and reduced operation risk, using night period, on operation process in the found of small fault timely maintenance; while, will meteorological information management and emergency work full combined, real-time understand weather situation, implementation wind, and fog, and snow, and Under bad weather conditions such as frost safety operation of emergency measures to ensure winter safety.


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