Tianjin: motor vehicles more than 2 million vehicles, exhaust gas containing large amounts of PM2.5

yellow tagged car is short for high-emission vehicles, is even the country ⅰ emission standards did not meet the petrol vehicles or emission of China ⅲ diesel car, which is yellow green signs posted by so called yellow tagged vehicle.  

automobile exhaust particles, suspended in a height of about one meter from the ground, will cause a lot of damage to the human body, heavy pollution, harm the yellow standard car is a "sinful". Yesterday learned from the municipal environmental protection Bureau, Tianjin has completed yellow tagged vehicle treatment programmes are developed to start the "Twelve-Five" period of 113,000 yellow tagged car phase-out, including diesel-24,000 yellow tagged car registered before 2001; 2001-2005 during operation diesel yellow tagged vehicle 19,000; yellow tagged car part petrol about 70,000 registered before 1999.


a yellow tagged car "emission"  

equal to 28 IV green car

at present, Tianjin has about 2 million motor vehicles. Among them, the yellow tagged car 290,000 vehicles. At 290,000 yellow tagged car, 107,000 vehicles, petrol vehicles diesel car 180,000 cars a year. According to statistics, a yellow tagged car emissions equivalent to 14 Mark III green car emissions, the equivalent of 28 country IV emission in the green car. In accordance with the relevant national requirements, combined emission reduction needs of Tianjin, Tianjin yellow tagged car out into two steps. First of all, the "Twelve-Five" period, focus on Elimination of national explicitly requests and age of long, heavy pollution of 113,000 vehicles. Secondly, the remaining 174,000 vehicles as well as the national yellow tagged car defines the standard adjustments to increase yellow tagged car, be determined in accordance with the future new requirements continue governance and eliminate jobs.

eliminated 113,000 yellow tagged car

less "Detox" 20,700 tons

"diesel-24,000 yellow tagged car registered before 2001, Tianjin is one of the key out of the object, these vehicles registered earlier, the largest environmental hazards. "The city environmental protection Bureau official said governance yellow tagged vehicle of Tianjin's" Twelve-Five "an important content of the emissions of major pollutants. According to the State Council promulgated the "Twelve-Five" integrated work programme of energy saving, to speed up the Elimination of old automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and basically eliminated before 2005 registered operational yellow tagged vehicle. The "Twelve-Five" period, according to the emission reduction requirements, 20300 Tianjin cut nitrogen oxides, and completed more than 113,000 vehicles task of governance, of 20,700 tons NOx reductions can be achieved.

status quo-- 

motor vehicles exceeded 2 million

automobile exhaust containing a large number of PM2.5 

in recent years, Tianjin, continue to strengthen the environmental protection and management of the atmosphere, air quality has been improving gradually, but compared with the developed countries there is still a certain gap. At present, Tianjin on the licensing of motor vehicles exceeded 2 million, sharp increase in density, car exhaust pollution, greatly endangering human health. It is predicted that the "Twelve-Five" period, Tianjin will also add new motor vehicle 100duowanliang, this means that an additional 1.5 million to 2 million tons of fuel oil consumption, resulting from environmental pressure.

"today, auto emissions became an important source of air pollution in cities. "Officials say, automobile exhaust contains significant amounts of PM2.5 particulate matter, these tiny particles are released into the air, reducing visibility in the air, had prompted haze frequently appear.

countermeasures of-- 

oil product upgrades can be effective emission reduction

Tianjin producer IV oil

improving vehicle fuel quality is basic guarantee of nitrogen oxide emissions. Experts believe that the motor vehicle fuel is the source of vehicle emission pollution and stricter vehicle emission standards must be ensured by the high quality motor fuel.

"diesel in the 98% of sulfur in burning process in the into for sulfur dioxide, remaining 2% as sulfate emissions, easy caused city pollution, raised human respiratory disease, and diesel in the of sulfur on car engine of work life effect is big; on the, car with diesel sulfur content high is diesel car emissions control technology development and pollution emissions of ' bottleneck ', this problem not solution, hard improve diesel car pollutants emissions level. "The city environmental protection Bureau official said.

it is understood that, according to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to implement country IV oil before and after comparison, State III of IV relative to the standard, light motor cycles will further reduce pollutant emissions by 50% about heavy truck cycle emissions can be further reduced by about 30%. Therefore, implementing IV standard fuel to Tianjin automobile tail gas pollution emissions will play an active role.

at present, Tianjin petrochemical producer IV oil capacity of Dagang petrochemical producer IV petrol capacity.


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