Tianjin rental market during the holiday season in short supply

during the Spring Festival, car window, visiting friends, traveling became part of consumer choice, but the reporter learned the car rental market in Tianjin, currently under the influence of supply and demand, car rental prices, some car rental companies will not only raise prices, and accept only longer rented and serve the customers sets many obstacles.  

yesterday, lived million village of consumers Liu Mr to Bohai morning reflect, Festival this paragraph time, he wants to car rental tourism, but asked price Shi was scare has a jumped: now rent a car Jetta was to daily 240 Yuan, than usually of 180 yuan your has 60 Yuan, then he found not only is Jetta, Santana, and Elantra, and accord, variety models are rose has price, price of range in 20%-30% ranging. The reasons for the price increases, businesses said it was as a result of Chinese new year car rental business is in short supply.

some car rental companies in Tianjin Xinhua learned that currently most affordable car 70% reservation, due to Chinese new year car rental market booming, now Tianjin part of the car rental companies driving up rental prices. Some companies even said that during the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, the company does not accept short term rental reservations, car rental basis in time for more than 5 days.


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