Tianjin scoring track rental cars-police arrested

the day before yesterday (22nd), 20:40, lianzhong driving to the taxi company of master Sun, Guangdong road, Hexi District, found a taxi to have a problem, because the car and do not have a licence, licence number for Jin before E32958, with Tianjin taxi understanding Sun master know the present taxi licence numbers in Tianjin, not to 32958. Master Yu Shisun began driving to follow, when the taxi arrived at Hexi District, little Haiti, while Qu Jianglu, finally stopped, Master Yu Shisun quickly Dial 110 to call.

dependency of the emergency police and traffic police were called immediately to confirm the phone, preparing arrived on the scene. But the gray car soon and pick up a passenger to move on. Sun master too busy pulling passengers hurriedly drove up. Grey car quickly onto the central link, and then Lou Chengdu road, turn right into the small Shang Tong. That car had to leave the information, 110 command center contact immediately with her master, determine where the grey car, and territorial police stations and traffic police are informed in a timely manner, feel free to contact with her master.

grey taxi driving along a small road, Chengdu, has been a road, Station Road, Shekou, and headed toward the Wei Jinlu. When the car enters the zone after the eyes, 110 command center immediately to contact zone belongs to police stations and traffic police, but because the gray CAB has not stopped, and constantly transform the way, territorial police departments can only be dispatched throughout the following, when the car when driving straight down the Wei Jinlu, was intercepted by police. Grey taxi stops, the Sun master followed the police approached the car, slightly hard, remove it from the licence on the shelf to a "Jin E32" half licences, gray cab genuine licence "Jin MHF958" emerged. At this point, the men driving the man to say he used to pick up a taxi licence to cut off after the half, and then with the license plate number of his car together, real taxi is there such a number, but he isn't sure.

record the initial situation, police brought the man as well as traffic is transferred to the North Street group. Reporter learned yesterday afternoon, the traffic control Department from the license plate information of the case is under investigation. Master of eyes spotting fake rental Sun reporters consulted with regulatory authorities, because at present, Tianjin taxi 32,000, the number of the license plate number of the taxi, although more than 32000, to 32938, out of so many is really not possible.


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