Tianjin travel agency refused the elderly Yunnan tour

yesterday (December 15), the reporter to give the more than 60 parents signed up Yunnan tour visited Mr Tse said, the drum tower travel supermarket, a store staff told reporters: "the Yunnan tour has an age limit, your parents are more than 60 years old, we don't accept, the Yunnan local inbound tour operators is provided. Yunnan's higher elevations, afraid of risk in the elderly. In addition, the Yunnan tour before Christmas offer more than 2000 Yuan, negative tour trip sure to arrange shopping and consumption capacity is too low for the elderly is one reason rejected. "The staff also said that Yunnan tour only this age limit. Subsequently, the reporter had an interview with another tour operator travel supermarket the drum, the staff of the Department also made it clear that: "age restrictions in Yunnan, more than 54 years old no charge. ”

Although most travel agencies reject older people, but there is a willingness to accept. "Aged 28 and under 50 years of age age groups registration select the line on the line over more than 900 Yuan, older people signed up on the lines of a choice of more than 3,000 yuan. Because of low consumption, line shopping project registration more than more than 3,000 yuan less. ”

for Yunnan tour rejected elderly of phenomenon, Tianjin City tourism industry people admits: "from Yunnan tour of cost view, travel agency reservation tickets general price in 2000 Yuan around, accommodation, and catering, and attractions tickets, series to received costs at least need 1200 Yuan, this two items added up on over has 3000 Yuan, below this price of Yunnan tour certainly is negative tour products, inbound tour operators must through shopping to make up lost off of money. The low purchasing power of the elderly, inbound tour operators fear losing money, simply rejected by the elderly. Older people want to enter for Yunnan tour may choose special age groups. ”

staff supervisory Bureau of tourism quality in Tianjin, for the product of zero-fee tours or tours, many travel agencies before the practice was to the low purchasing power of elderly tourists a certain number of additional fees, which is forbidden in the travel agents Ordinance, and many travel agencies will simply reject elderly visitors. There is no specific provision for this, travel agents receive what some tourists, Tourism Management Department well intervention.


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