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Car rental insurance knowledge

under normal circumstances, is not a true insurance provided by the car rental company, but a crash car damages claim agreement, that is, if an accident occurs, damage to vehicles, you do not need to claim the insurance money to repair or leased vehicle retirement losses. Accept this agreement means that you have to rent a car company in the car rental fees on the basis of another pay day fees range from $ 16 to 23.  

        in fact, in many cases, you don't need to buy this type of insurance. Decisions prior to rental cars, you'd better ask your own car insurance and your credit card company and see if they offer the same insurance.

         then who is going to pay you rent cars hit other vehicles, as well as crash people? It depends on your current auto insurance. In many cases, your car insurance policy will protect you. Be sure to note that you purchase adequate third party liability insurance. In Ontario, the law provides minimum liability insurance it is 200,000, but many brokers recommend buying 1 million to 2 million.  

         but may not be your own auto insurance to pay for your rental vehicle damage. This is why you need to buy insurance.  

         car rental companies are not offering to sell insurance. Collision damage waiver is not insurance, is just a rental agreement, reducing or eliminating expenses incurred due to the crash. In fact, is the rental companies let you buy their car insurance deductible.

         However, rely on their own insurance company and bad places. If you crash, you are fully responsible, that has an effect on your driving record, because your insurance company to pay compensation. If you buy a car crash collision claim agreement, even if an accident, it will not affect your insurance record.  

         you can not buy this car crash collision claim agreement, and car rental insurance protection provided by credit card companies. But you must know what your credit card companies offer, credit card companies, so be sure to study carefully. Credit card companies of various clauses and details can be found on the Internet.

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