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Car's secret, you know?

car's secret, you know?

------in addition to your driving skills related to traffic accidents and car color? Black cars are more likely to have an accident in a highway traffic.


     in Australia, researchers recently published report, pointed out that black cars played a leading role in road traffic accidents, especially before dawn and after dusk, black car accident rates higher than white cars 47%.


     Australia's Monash University team calls the 850,000 cases of road traffic accidents recorded by the police, statistics accident car color, information such as the time of the accident. Statistics are only for cars, and regardless of the color of a single CAB. Results show that black car in the accident rate at the top of the day and night. During the day, black cars safer than most white car accident rate 12%, high 47% in before dawn and after dusk.


     in addition to black, followed by the most unsafe cars gray, silver, red and blue, the safest car color is white, gold, and yellow in turn.


     United Kingdom, the daily mail of 22nd cited was published in the latest issue of the journal Science reports reports, different colored car accident rate, with the car colors and highway related to color contrast, higher contrast, lower the possibility of accidents. Researchers say that although the accident rate in different car colors are different, but color is not the main factor causing road accidents than drunk driving or speeding, car color directly led to the risk of accidents is very low.

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