Car sense

Correct method of car washing

wash the car appears to be simple, in fact, not professional car washes will be destroyed. Original paint, if well maintained, service life up to 10 years. Jinan rental think paint specification for maximum human damage is not to wash the car. Below, Jinan rental cars to introduce the right car wash method:  

          small and medium car wash, the sponge and its use is not eligible. Use the market to buy back the detergent, soda powder, boiling water, and even some used industrial base. Just wash out these higher alkaline cleaning agent used cars may appear very shiny, very clean, but when the owner a few times, you will find the body loses its luster. If the long-term use of these inferior products car wash, auto paint cracking will occur.

         second, the best do-it-yourself car wash, most of their car wash is a bucket of water and a piece of cloth, which will scratch the paint of sediment in the water. Jinan rental car recommended, washing the car to better the best car wash, shop after all this more formal and can reach maximum protection to the paint.

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