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Enterprise rent a car what procedures

annual home for the new year, how difficult it is for many people. Might want to row at the station for several days just to buy a ticket home.

   in 2010, when the Spring Festival comes, Kam Wah tone, China garment Co Ltd, Jiangsu Province, to enterprises more than 2,100 employees, solves the problem of Chinese new year back home, Enterprise car rental of passenger transport companies in Suzhou 47 coaches send them back home for the new year. Give them peace work, safe home. While Jiangsu Wujiang fenhu patrol Squadron deployed police security check these 47 buses, no unqualified transport to migrant workers returning home.

   enterprise rent a car what documents need to car rental companies, we also did a survey.

1, the duplicate of business license, business card information

2, the legal representative ID card

Unit 3, introduction

Chapter 4, contracts or official seal

5, the lessee's translator's booklet, identity card and driving license

   If long term car rental, for example, need to shuttle employees to and from work, car rental formalities and what needs?

  1, business long term rent vehicle procedures to show copy of business license, code certificate copy of power of Attorney, legal person, the person in charge of identity and a copy of, and then signed the rental, rent a car companies need to affix its official seal.

  2, may require new cars just have a condition, need car rental contract must be signed by two years (including two years) or more.

  3, long term car rental businesses are required to pay two months ' rent as a security deposit, after the end of the contract period, in the absence of any unruly driving behavior, return the deposit in full.

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