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Rent a car will not suffer

currently there are thousands of car rental companies, but more than 300 vehicles have only 20 or so of the car rental company. Rentals are a small firm, less traffic, and no standardization standard in the industry, car rentals bring convenience to consumers at the same time, also drew a large number of complaints from consumers. According to statistics, consumer advice on car rental complaints last year grew by 50%.


car rental preferred qualified company

clear car source to avoid disputes


first of all, car rental companies, be sure to choose formal qualification of car rental companies, like China auto rental, Avis car rental, national chains such as EHI car rental brands, or place in Beijing's well-known car rental companies such as capital auto lease is more assured. This reporter has learned, some car rental companies there are temporary to hire a private car to meet holiday demand, or part owners of idle the car to the car rental company for rental use, repair and maintenance of these vehicles cannot be guaranteed, so consumer car should have a clear source of vehicle, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.


Note that contract leasing


Second, consumers and rental car companies when signing a contract, be sure to pay attention to the content of the leasing contract, clear lease is a rental by the day or by the mileage lease, if excess mileage and how to calculate the rental by the day, Avis rental car company staff's recommendation for consumers must be aware of their rental car, "extra", "Super mileage charge" is. Consumer car rental stores, pay attention to conduct comprehensive checks on vehicles, including vehicles of all kinds of documents (driving license, insurance certificate) and the appearance of the vehicle, view other parts of the body have no scratches or any damage.


ask if they have already purchased insurance


Finally, on the question of deposit insurance and vehicle in the rental process, generally speaking car rental company will purchase insurance products according to their needs, but some leasing companies in order to reduce the cost of not buying insurance, so when signing the contract, consumers should ask about insurance issues. A case study of China auto rental, car rental car price, charge a premium, according to the different models of price at 20-40 Yuan a day.

vehicle deposit issues, and national car rental chains now require a card with two cards car rental, one card means a credit card. Chain car rental companies generally require consumers to pay by credit card authorization, this deposit is frozen my credit card's credit limit, return authorization to withdraw the spot, banks will probably thaw within seven working days.

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