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Rent what you need to know?

"choose the regular companies, see contract rules, carefully check the condition", spoke before the car rental, General Manager of Shaanxi auto rental company Fan Guangping highly summarized.

   "to select a qualification certificates of lawful, complete and valid, sound organization, business location and reliable car rental company". It is understood that the personal car rental procedures are complex and not everyone think, members of the public at the time of rental, providing solid, effective and legitimate identity card, driver's license, register, pay a certain amount of deposit, and pay the rent.

   next to be elected. Fan Guangping Description: everyone in the car hire links, it is best to choose a new car rental, because new cars is not easy to fail. Rent a car was not practical, if the car breaks down on the way, even if a leasing company in charge of the rescue, my heart is not good.

   after you select a car and then signed by Canal in XI uniform format of the rental contract, here, we have to see the details of the contract terms and specify the rights and obligations of both parties. For example: to understand the car daily kilometer limit and beyond after the charging standard. Basically, the XI ' an city, rental period of 24 hours a day, limited to 200 kilometers, overtime, extra mileage plus rent price rule.

   during this period, the last item of the contract is to fill the vehicle, "which is a process of mutual finds the condition, this process must be careful, because it involves a car then." Fan Guangping said: "if his lack of experience, you can ask a friend who know about cars to help testing. First seen from the appearance of the car, no scratches on the surface, lights are complete, whether the lock works, then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, approval to cab see oil table, brakes, air condition is normal, paying special attention to the speedometer. If these are approved, and then drive the feeling, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. " "For some of the special features and usage models, to consult the clear, such as high-grade child lock, locked in the car after not open, can only be opened from the outside, like to know more about the situation, to make it easier to use". Fan Guangping finally added: "in addition, it should be asked to identify vehicle, check the vehicle's driving license, insurance, inspection, and so on."

   another point to give you advice: If you rent a car trip is mainly to tourism and mountain are more, consider renting SUV models, better if road conditions, you can choose a car or MPV vehicle.

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