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marriage, as life events, nature to strive for every detail to be perfect. Although not in favor of lavish luxury wedding ceremony, but fleet marriage this session cannot be ignored. The bride and groom from home to access their own home, car is like a bridge, meant  .

        must respect tradition, and want to keep up with trends, how to choose what kind of vehicle to do wedding car is most timely way?

        wedding cars first element: auspicious marriage is a happy event, always pay attention to get a color, wedding cars is no exception.

        in contrast, car truck with white or red is better, because white has "life" means, red is a symbol of conjugal life is booming.

        in addition, wedding car hatchback is not selected as far as possible, avoid the "Peter", "halves". Used Mercedes-Benz car, caboose should not use Santana, because there will be "the funeral" sounds like.

       car if better to have auspicious meanings, such as roewe double lion logo, there are "paired" destiny, and Peugeot's lion will inevitably be "widow" means. Wedding car opened onto the road, it will be necessary to attract passers-by commented. So now newcomers and more about cars "media effects" – just don't ask for the most expensive, but for the latest.  Thus, we see the emerging "new, strange" car.

       "new"-with new cars to do wedding car, can effectively avoid the relatives, friends and passers-by "eye strain". Recently, channeling new roewe 750, attracts a lot of passersby snapped.  Visible, the British flavor of the roewe is bluffing, that is fresh and stylish.

"strange" – the hood, plus a long, cross-country, mini ... ... These cars are not "weird". New weird a lot today: military convoys, buses, bicycle teams, human resources team ... ... Even car civilians, can also be quantified, and by the generosity of friends of Chery, POLO a wedding convoy driving on the road is also very landscape.

        wedding cars a third factor: no concerns, no criminal record

        car accident inevitable. But if the car accident on the way, even mourning the incident, it is simply an intolerable pain. In order to ensure smooth wedding, new car no matter what, safety cannot be ignored.

    like this are "ex" model, I am afraid that new people to prepare a wedding or selective "blindness" as well.  

recently breaking "long vehicle" event, it's worth the Watch: long face, most people like to lease extended Cadillac or Lincoln, everyone knows a lot of the wedding company provides spliced into their own extended car, become a great hazard.

         in addition, the Honda Accord is not ideal for a wedding car, has hit "a wedding" event, I am afraid, can still let a lot of people remember: because the collision completely failed to drive and ride staff play a protective role, body destroyed, one fatal traffic accident not let the couple left room.

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