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Summer arrived, car rental self drive tour business turn preferred

enter in July, the temperature rise of Binhai New area car rental market. In the heat of summer holiday, led by district part of the car rental company's recent surge in the past 50%, and some models even "no cars to rent" situation.


"starting from the end of June, the company's business in the fast-rising. "An automobile leasing company in charge, June orders only 160, and July to the present order has reached 234. Binhai New area, another car rental company official said, after entering July, customer service has received dozens of calls every day, various outlets every day at least 3 to 5 accepted for the car rental reservation. "The end of June, Binhai New area primary and secondary schools students are finished with the test in summer, many parents going to a summer rental car children out to play. "According to statistics from a car rental company, July holiday orders 85% per cent of the vehicles. But unlike in previous years is that commercial vehicles are becoming a lot of choice for a family holiday. Car hire new people in the near future, Mr Wang said, recently wanted to take advantage of the summer vacation, to go to Qingdao for a holiday with parents, children, the home of the private space is too small, uncomfortable ride, so he rented a 10-seater Gold Cup. A car rental company, told reporters that the company recently rented out all the 10 business car.


car rental market rising enthusiasm, the industry warned consumers, car rental before you understand the condition, especially if the operating system is sensitive, case was caught in "sick" cars clogging happy journey. Before signing the rental contract, consumers not only want to learn about contract, even share of vehicle insurance, insurance claims processing, lines of responsibility and share of the repair costs, so as to avoid accidents due to disputes over claims. Finally people in front of the rented vehicle a thorough cleaning, especially the Interior and health to prevent the spread of disease.

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