Car sense

What color car would you like?

When you purchase select what color is also an important aspect of many friends consider. A survey on car color, let us look at what most people like it.

  silver body color when in 2008, has spread over 20% shares in 2009 reached 25%, while this year reached 31% highest share, is going after the silver, black and white, respectively, 18%, followed by 11% Red, Blue 10%, and now global automotive color diversity. With fewer models and integration for the automotive industry, tonal design will be more colorful. Looking ahead, the car makers will rely more on color to identify the brand and Chinese producers are still less obvious. Netizen UFO-bug interesting comments: a very simple ... Stain-resistant, have a saying, can be seen also from the color of your character, car color will "leak" your secret.

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