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BMW 1-series

BMW 1-series

after the front-drive BMW 1-series cars are small, but not small, BMW's superior handling was inherited by 1 is very good, which benefits from BMW suspension system fine-tuning. First, the compact 1-series cars and many different models, it uses the front-rear drive models in the field of rare setting, this is BMW's tradition. Rear-wheel drive vehicle drove in front of vehicle handling is better than many flexible, if you drive a BMW 1-series and Volkswagen Golf or Ford focus with a sharp bend you will find the BMW 1-series than the agility of many, this is the expert in driving, is also a big selling point of the 1-series.

BMW 1-series is the hatchback model, but its styling still feels many compact models and there is a clear difference, Yes, you sure found a BMW 1-series front long! In order for the BMW 1-series get the perfect load distribution, considering the engine is an inline six-cylinder, engineers will design of the front part is longer, BMW 1-series engine's Center of mass is located in the location of the front wheel axis, which accommodate long straight-six engine and reach a good load distribution effect. After tuning, BMW 1-series achieved the perfect load distribution before and after 50:50. This is an important reason for why it has excellent control properties.


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