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BMW 3-series

BMW 3-series

appearance: it's contagious double-kidney shaped radiator grille is specially designed, both clear and unambiguous family, and personalities of the 3-Series Sedan. M-round headlights were shaded lines, coupled with highly integrated LEDs, enhances the vehicle's dynamic feel. Overall sleek stretch, drag coefficient is 0.29. Wheelbase Gao Kuanchang respectively for the 4 471 mm, 1 739 mm, 1 415 mm, 2 725 mm.

     Interior: open the thick door, set out the same familiar car, luxury but both feel. Interior style is the embodiment of dynamic and personalized, superior materials and high technology standards proving motor vehicles are luxury and size has nothing to do. According to ergonomic positioning of all control devices, to enjoy driving pleasure to create a comfortable environment. First is a solid grip and a central steering wheel bearing the blue-and-white propeller of the small size, can be adjusted up and down and around.

     power: power is based on the 4-cylinder models, and gradually developed into a full series. Although BMW since 1977 have six-cylinder engines installed on the first generation of the 3 series, however, because BMW 4-cylinder model has been welcomed by users worldwide, BMW not only retained, and growing more powerful, more excellent 4-cylinder models. 316i and 318i introduced the four-cylinder gasoline engine on up-to-date Valvetronic variable valve control, as well as the 318i  variable intake manifold on the engine technology.


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