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BMW 5-series

BMW 5-series

compared with the old models, 2012 5-series Li appearance of the Interior has not changed, just an upgrade in configuration. Main: all equipped with Xenon headlamps and "active protection" system, some models was upgraded to the new 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, 523 luxury cars above standard parking cameras, more than 530 cars equipped with ECO-pro energy-saving systems, 535 vehicle is equipped with an engine start-stop system. These high-end configuration can be said attention is more outstanding price-performance ratio 5-series models.

    2012 5-series Li, one of the biggest changes in the model name, 528Li was replaced by 530Li. However, in terms of engine displacement and power, but there have been no changes. As representative of the mid-size sedan BMW brand advantage, 2012 5-series Li model to all 6-cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines for them. Simultaneously, more smooth and efficient 8-speed automatic transmission, achieve the goal of comfort, fuel economy.  

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