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Buick GL8 firstland

Buick GL8 firstland

providing professional business hospitality, travel, Conference arrangements, planning services, and provide consulting services. We can be different according to each customer's needs, to provide customers with personalized, comprehensive, convenient and safe vehicle transport solutions. For enterprises of different forms of transport to a variety of arrangements, provided an unlimited number plates, quick airport shuttle service between Beijing and Tianjin.

conferences, business-tours, car rental, long term rental, and hotel used cars.

we adhere to customer first, reputation first, resolute, promise services purposes.

provided are non smoking vehicles, vehicle appearance clean and tidy and have a professional driver, the driver's driving are more than 20 years, good image, warm and thoughtful service, honest!

in order to ensure the security of your car, our vehicles are regularly in the professional maintenance Department for maintenance and repair, to conduct safety inspections before each trip to eliminate security risks, to ensure your travel safety.


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