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Peugeot 2,073 hatchback

Peugeot 2,073 hatchback

2011 Peugeot 207 was listed on May 18. Compared with the older models, 2011 Peugeot 207 has a lot of improvements. Look, new look was slightly changed, major changes have blackened headlights, front bumpers, body-colored the same color in the network, taillights, interior structure changes. This design on the Visual effects for the new 207 look full, but because the bumper body color design, makes the overall level was reduced. In addition, black bumper scratch-proof effect more obvious.

  In interior design, new and old models and there is no significant difference, but Interior colors provide more options to meet individual needs of different consumers. Steering wheel at 3 and 9 fluted design, increasing touch. The new 207 seats are made of black leather wrap, breathable ...

  Allocation, Dong Feng Peugeot 207, 2011 upgrade. Aluminum alloy wheels, four electric Windows, parking sensors, electrically adjustable mirrors are standard equipment. In addition, many models are also equipped with 4 air bag safety systems.

  In terms of power, the new Peugeot 207 to rely on 1.4L and 1.6L engine with a displacement, both engines with mature technology and good economy. 1.6-liter engine maximum power 78kW/5750rpm,1.4-liter engine 56kw/5300rpm, both of which focus on areas of high speed performance. Transmission, you will work with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission boxes match.

  Summary: Peugeot 207 overall design is full of stylish, elegant body lines full of energy and full of tension. 207 dark color interior, brought us the dynamic vitality of nature, in line with the aesthetic view of young people. After this facelift, Peugeot 207 configuration upgrade will significantly enhance your competitiveness. A0 in the competitive market, its price should not be too wide of the mark. Today, the old models there have been offers of around 10,000 yuan. Interested friends can be considered in comprehensive measure after the prices of new cars.


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