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Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta

Jetta car size 4415*1674*1415mm. As one of the third kind, shape not too many amazing places, is still the classic hard line, on the new model added to the appearance of blackened headlights and shelter network Silver gives the Jetta avant more breath of avant-garde.

     Jetta interior with black and beige mix, center console in favor of the driver's side is more suitable for operation. From the material point of view gives a solid feeling, more than 10 years of sales, Jetta model most adequate quality tests. Parts they use very well, feel good, gives a solid feeling.

      Jetta wheelbase 2471mm, Velvet seat comfort is good, vehicle storage space is more suitable for home use. Rear seat with center armrest, but not down, unable to further enhance the vehicle's storage capacity, however 660L boot volume can satisfy most storage needs.

     Jetta engine maximum power of 70-kilowatt kW (95 HP) and maximum torque 140 NM, maximum power and maximum torque output speed 5600 rpm and 3500 rpm, this engine could only be "mature" to describe, maintenance is very convenient and economic. Is matched with 5-speed manual transmission, the Powertrain classic set-up in the years after the sales process with a lot of praise.


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