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Car rental contract
Car rental contract


the lessee:

first, the condition of the rental vehicle

as detailed in the annex to the present contract the rental vehicle inspection report

Second, the term of the lease and rent paid

as detailed in the annex to the present contract the car car rental car rental registration form and the statement of

third, the rights and obligations of the lessor

1, in one of the following conditions occurs, the lessor has the right to take back leased vehicles anytime, anywhere, and have received payments in the calculation of any losses back after fill less.

(1) the lessee uses the leased vehicles engaged in illegal and criminal activities.

(2) the lessee, the lease vehicle transfer, sublease, sell, mortgage, pledge.

(3) engage in other activities prejudicial to the legal rights of the lessor of vehicles.

(4) without the written approval of the lessor, in arrears after the end of the rental period.

in the above cases, causing economic losses to the lessor, the lessee should compensate accordingly.

2, does not bear the third party liability of thrown during the rental vehicle rental.

3, the other in accordance with the laws and regulations of the lessor's rights.

4, according to the contract provision of technical good condition a variety of certification and fees full range of vehicles.

5, during the term of use of vehicles and customer credit monitoring.

four, the rights and obligations of the lessee

1, rental and leasing period stipulated in the contract have access to rental vehicles.

2, on rental vehicles leased before the injury is not liable for damages, the obligation of maintenance.

3, the date of execution of lease contracts to pay mortgage payments and to pay rent in cash; such as the use of bank credit cards, you will need to bear the resulting fees that should be paid to the Bank.

4, assume the lease term of rented vehicle fuel cost.

5, observe notes on the car the lessee's obligations.

6, strictly abide by State laws and regulations, within the lease period, and due to illegal, illegal acts such as causing the full responsibility and economic losses.

7, the lessee must take other economic losses due to the lessee.

8, assist the rental vehicle during the rental period the insured loss, claims.

five terms, mortgage

1, the lessee shall lease contracts signed according to the lessor on the deposit once the date to pay mortgage payments to the lessor.

2, the lessor shall lease contract expires or after termination of the agreement between the parties, except in accordance with the provisions of the annex to the present contract and the applicable costs, the remaining deposit will be returned to the lessee.

3, the lessee is not itself the deposit in compensation for rent.

4, if the driver provided by the lessor, the lessee need not pay the deposit.

six terms, insurance

1, the lessor has leased vehicles provides insurance, car rental, see the registration form.

2 occurred in traffic accidents, lessee shall within 24 hours notify the lessor, the lessor will be insured the vehicles reach their designated repair shop, the lessee provide valid proof of all insurance procedures, registration form car rental and leased vehicles in accordance with the provisions of insurance claims by the lessor of the vehicle, stop calculating rental costs. Lessee of leased vehicles during collisions of vehicles stolen, scrapped, or other forms of loss, the lessee shall bear the date of loss until the lessor of vehicles expiring at the compensation by the insurance company (a maximum of ____ months) ____% and of the vehicle rental insurance excess parts.

3, because the lessee causes insurance company exclusions and deductibles for all losses and related expenses shall be borne by the lessee.

4, vehicle insurance accident occurs, the lessee shall deliver vehicle depreciation and insurance deductibles. Accelerated depreciation is equivalent to the total maintenance expenses ____%, if the lessee is unable to secure insurance claims must be on the relevant formalities, all maintenance costs are borne by the lessee and accelerated depreciation charges, and insurance event does not claim responsibility.

seven, liability for breach of

apart from major policy change or force majeure, any breach of contract the contract cannot be fulfilled, in addition to compensation for consequential economic loss, should also be paid to the other contracts and attachments are not fulfilling part of the rental amount total ____% penalty. The lessee shall be signed by the parties or time the timely return of the rental vehicle, each overdue return day, continued to charge rent, extra delivery days rent ____% for breach of contract. Each returned a day early, on delivery day rental ____% rent penalty refund after that date.

the economic loss of the contract, including loss of rent, rent loss compensation in accordance with the car rentals rental rates listed in the registration form.

eight, alteration and termination of the contract

modification and rescission of this contract, must lease a written agreement signed by both sides in order to be effective.

nine, dispute resolution

all disputes relating to this contract, should first be settled through friendly consultations, if negotiation fails, either party may apply to ____ city administration for industry and Commerce having jurisdiction of Arbitration Committee for arbitration or solved by ____, ____ District people's Court.

10, contracts and accessories

the vehicle the lessee notes, the car car rental registration form and the rental vehicle inspection reports and the car rental statement and the supplementary agreement is annexed to this contract, this contract shall have the same legal effect.

11, this contract shall enter into force after the leases signed and sealed by

two copies of this contract, by the lessor, lessee copies.

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