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Conference car

conferences, held in Shanghai and nearby provinces and cities, our company can provide you with a Conference car, such as organizing working vehicles, vehicles for picking up guests and Conference delegates, organizes a visit or collective transport.

exhibitions (Expo) will be car

held in Shanghai, or for all kinds of large-scale exhibitions and expositions, our company can provide you with the preparations for the Conference and exhibition vehicles, including vehicles for picking up guests, audience transport.

Festival car

held in Shanghai, or for all kinds of Festival activities, our company can provide you with a Festival of cars and VIP car.

wedding car hire

wedding activities, wedding cars  

cultural and sports activity vehicle

held in Shanghai, or for all kinds of large-scale cultural and sports activities, our company can provide working vehicles, the star received car car. Our company has been involved in CCTV, "the same song" reception of concerts and other cultural and sports activities.

Airport Shuttle car

our company can provide customers airport shuttle car and accept the consignment of client, send guests to the airport.

hotel facilities car  

my company is willing to provide matching VIP car service for top hotels, make your guests arrive at the hotel before enjoying or after leaving the hotels can continue to enjoy the luxury car service.

long-term rental cars

my company is resident in or around Shanghai for enterprises and agencies to provide various types of vehicles can be a long-term Charter. Our company has been on the Schlumberger, Siemens and other well-known international companies to establish long-term rental relationship.

public rental cars

I offer affordable cars, minibuses and other vehicles for local people to lease.  

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